Emily Frew Makeup Artistry
Emily Frew Makeup Artistry


b. 1986, HK.


Hello, my name is Emily Frew.

I have worked as a professional makeup artist for 7 years and loved every moment of it. I worked for MAC Cosmetics for many years, which requires lots of makeup skill certification testing so needless to say anyone that has or does work at MAC knows makeup through and through. I learned a lot of technical skills and creative expressions in my retail career but the real beauty of makeup for me was always instilling confidence. To be a woman is to find your own personalized balance between being beautiful and fierce.

Since leaving MAC cosmetics, I have worked independently for many photographers, videographers, and producers.

I do non-profit work for a company called Crowns of Courage, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We empower women battling cancer through chemotherapy by adorning them with henna crowns and some color in their cheeks, by yours truly. Iā€™m proud to say that we have instilled confidence in many strong women through beauty in this uplifting experience.

Makeup is an extraordinary tool that allows me to share my inspirations, my fantasies, and my vision with the world.
— Pat McGrath